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We have established since 1993. We have developed excellent experience and commitment toward quality standard.
We are the manufactorer and distributor.
We design, installation, maintenance, after-sales service and distribute all kinds of spare part.
such as passenger lift, freight lift, dumbwaiter, home lift and crane.


Now feel protected! KLEEMANN presents you with two new solutions for the safe operation of your lift!
Choose the touch-safe KLEEMANN Antibacterial Buttons, or the touch-free KLEEMANN Touchless Buttons, and stay protected from bacteria.
Solution 1: KLEEMANN Antibacterial Buttons

- A touch-safe solution
- Lift buttons with nano-silver coating
- Antibacterial rate up to 99%
- Antifungal protection
- Life span ≥ 3 million times
- Easy to install
- Suitable for existing and & installations
- Certified by SGS
Solution 2: KLEEMANN Touchless Buttons
- A touch-free solution
- Lift buttons activated at a distance of max 1cm, without physical contact
- Antibacterial rate up to 100%
- Life span ≥ 3 million times
- Higher anti-interference ability by intelligent digital filtering technology
- Suitable for both existing & new installations

Elevator Air Purifier Controlling the cabin environment and protecting health
With safety at the core of its values, KLEEMANN presents an innovative series of solutions that safeguard the hygiene in the cabin and protect the passenger at all times.
The Elevator Air Purifier is a two phase technology that uses molecular materials and UV light to totally disinfect the cabin for clean, uncontaminated air. The Air Purifier utilizes technology and engineering to offer a safe and protective environment in the cabin interior.

99% killing rate of bacteria
99,76% influenza virus removal rate
UV catalyst sterilization

-Two-phase disinfection and purifcation function
-Powerful sterilization & disinfection
-Low noise level
-Ultra-thin design
-Easy installation and maintenance
-Motion sensor activated operation
-Energy-saving & high efciency
-Suitable for both existing and new installations as well as for modernization projects.

Ideal for
-Residential buildings
-Commercial & public buildings
-Shopping malls

KLEEMANN Design Trend 2020

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